ShadePro is our innovative skin tone scanner and app based on IoT technology. It empowers users to find their perfect matching foundations and complementary makeup in seconds.

Using Smart sensors and complex colour matching algorithms ShadePro is a step change in intelligent makeup recommendation.

ShadePro can be used by beauty retailers and brands to offer personalised makeup recommendations at scale, improving engagement, conversion and customer intelligence.


  • Skin Tone Analysis

    Upto 10X more accurate than camera phone apps, yet fast and simple to use. ShadePro can be used either by a beauty advisor or by consumers in-store or at-home.

  • Foundation Matching

    Our skin tone matching algorithms deliver the best matching foundation for each individual consumer’s unique skin tone.

  • Intelligent Colour Recommendation

    ShadePro intelligently recommends complementary makeup shades using multiple characteristics of a user’s skin tone.

Brand & Retailer Benefits

  • Sales Conversion

    In-store digital personalisation services can increase sales conversions by 20%. Personalising recommendations online can almost double conversion.

  • Omni-Channel Engagement

    ShadePro allows for multiple touchpoints in-store and online, engaging users as they walk round the store or review products at home.

  • Data Insights

    ShadePro provides unique data points about makeup consumers which can be used to better offer, develop and promote products.

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