I don’t know where to look first. I need to get this decision right. I see several smiling helpful faces looking in my direction, but I’m not sure who to ask for advice. I feel overwhelmed. The bright lights are making me hot and bothered. There’s too much choice. I just want to find a foundation that perfectly matches my skin tone. Is that too much to ask?

Too much choice and a sense of overwhelm: it’s a common dilemma faced by so many shoppers searching for foundation. Most women admit to having a secret stash of half-used foundation and makeup in the cupboard that they’ve bought in the wrong shade. Too pale, too beige, too orange, they all looked very different in the store. Imagine the relief, the satisfaction, the confidence these women would feel, if they never had to experience ‘hit and miss’ makeup shopping ever again.

There is a solution… It’s called ShadePro.


Revolutionary skin tone analyser

Shade Pro is a revolutionary skin tone analyser that takes seconds to identify which products in your store are the closest match to the customer’s skin tone. Product matching algorithms deliver a list of matching

foundations and display product descriptions, ingredients and reviews. The consumer can send their matches from the in-store device to their own mobile phone, allowing them to browse whilst shopping or search for products online later at their convenience.



Foundation – it’s personal

Research by Mintel* found that 43% of women aged 16-24 who buy branded makeup products say not being able to find a colour to match their skin tone is their biggest frustration. The UK has a growing ethnic population and young women in particular are finding it increasingly difficult to find suitable makeup products.

Personalisation embraces diversity. It can enhance customer experience by providing customers with a product that meets their needs. The success of skin tone matched underwear, hosiery, and the sell out Fenty beauty range are a case in point. No two people are the same and we firmly believe they shouldn’t be expected to wear the same shade of foundation.

We know skin tones change naturally with the seasons. Shoppers change their foundation shade and formula from winter to summer as well as making one-off purchases for holidays and special occasions such as weddings. In fact one third of shoppers buy different make products to wear for daytime and evening*. The Shade Pro skin tone analyser can ably assist the consumer in all the above scenarios.

Store locations vital

Despite the rise in popularity of beauty vloggers and online beauty shopping, physical store locations are still vital. Over half of beauty shoppers still enjoy the experience of browsing and testing products in-store*. Research shows that 45% of shoppers like makeup retailers to assess their skin tone and make product recommendations to suit them*. An in-store Shade Pro skin tone analyser has the technology to take your personalisation offering to the next level.

Personalisation breeds loyalty and trust

The ShadePro skin tone analyser is not just a useful tool. It has the power to integrate with existing loyalty schemes so you can get to know customers on a deeper level. 49% of shoppers say they would like retailers to recommend more products suited to them*. The ShadePro app captures information on buying behaviour and analyses one of the attributes that makes each one of us unique – our skin. Retailers will be equipped with the knowledge and data to make more accurate product recommendations, both in store and online. It’s the next level of digital learning, building further trust in your store and brand.

The personalised foundation market has not yet been fully exploited by retailers due to the inaccuracy of the current technologies on the market.

ShadePro promises to change this.

If you’re interested in arranging a demonstration of the ShadePro skin tone analyser, or you would like to know more about the product, please contact us to start the conversation.


*Mintel Colour Cosmetics – UK, July 2016 report