Why is personalisation important to consumers?


Would pay more for

More loyal to a
personalised brand

Working in partnership with industry leading brands we work to disrupt the beauty market with technologies that deliver best in class, innovative and personalised beauty experiences.

Our personalisation products include The Alchemist, a device which allows consumers to create cosmetics personalised to their skin tone and type. TRIGENEX also offer ShadePro an online tool that allows customers to identify the products that best match their tone and type.

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The Alchemist offers your customers personalised formulations of their favourite cosmetic brands, identifying their unique needs through a quick, enjoyable, no fuss process in your favourite store.

Our simple yet sophisticated device and AI algorithms analyse their skin to identify their individual tone and type and then produce the products to best suit their in only a few minutes.

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What are people saying?

“I think the match is perfect. It’s better than any foundation I’ve had in the past”

Sarah, aged 18-25

“It’s literally like my skin, but so much nicer.”

Mia, aged 26-35

“It’s amazing. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that that works.”

Ella, aged 18-25

It’s tailor-made for you, so it seems fresh and brand new.

Anya, aged 18-25

“From a personal point of view and a make-up artist point of view, I feel it’s been one of the best products that I’ve ever used…….I can’t wait for this to actually move forward because I just think it’s absolutely amazing, and I definitely recommend it.”

Professional MUA

“Great colour match, great coverage and great finish. Take my money now!”

Ezra, aged 35-44

“I don’t wear foundation because it never looks natural and looks like the wrong colour…..but I would buy this” International Retailer.”

Laura, aged 26-35

“it’s just like build a bear but for adults.”

Sarah, aged 26-35
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